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Steve McConnell

Steve McConnell Financial Advisor

I founded Rain Dog to cut through the barrage of distracting information found in much of the investment world, providing practical guidance to index investors.

As a long-time software business owner in Bellevue, I understand the personal commitment it takes to create value and manage the wealth that flows from that. If you have worked hard to get to where you are today, I would love to work with you.

Q&A with Steve

Steve, what do you like about investment management? I’m a numbers guy, and I enjoy the analytical task of coming up with a solid financial plan very much. But what I really value is the opportunity to get to know the wonderful people in our community. It is important to me to sit down with you, listen carefully, and learn about your goals and circumstances.

What’s your approach? I want to be sure that I understand your personal situation and am truly able to work in your best interests. I want to ensure you are comfortable and confident in the plan that we create together. I believe this is a people business, so I answer all your calls and emails personally.

Where does the “numbers guy” stuff come into your approach? After I get to know you and your situation, I apply a lot of fairly complex math to create solutions that will work well for your unique circumstances. I enjoy talking through the math with people who are interested, but I can also keep the math behind the scenes for people who aren’t interested. Mainly, I want to be sure you always have all your questions answered.

Why did you start Rain Dog Financial? Originally, I just wanted to do some investment planning for myself. In the 1990s, I had worked at the Russell Company on high-end investment tools for institutional clients. I assumed that by the mid-2020s similar capabilities would be available to individual investors, and I was surprised to find that they weren’t.

I view investment planning as fundamentally a forecasting problem, and I have a deep background in forecasting, so I decided to build my own investment planning tool. I incorporated Nobel prize winning work from Herbert Simon, Harry Markowitz, William Sharpe, Daniel Kahneman, Eugene Fama, Robert Shiller, and lots of additional research. I have put all that into an investment planning method that I use to provide highly customized guidance to Rain Dog’s clients.

How do your personal experiences affect your approach? I bring the life experiences of starting multiple businesses, shepherding them through ups and downs, being married and divorced, losing a parent, and raising two children and six dogs (not all at once!). Life can throw some challenging curve balls, and I understand that at both a financial planning level and a personal level.

Are there any types of clients you especially like to work with? I like the way that good financial planning can help individuals and families in non-financial ways. I particularly enjoy working with couples who are a little out of synch on their financial objectives (which many couples are). I get great satisfaction from finding creative solutions that work well for both of them. Of course, I like finding creative solutions for couples who are in synch, families, and individuals, too.

Last question: Do you currently have a dog? Of course! My dog Cooper is a 3-year-old golden retriever who keeps me endlessly entertained.

Cooper Rain Dog

My Investment and Forecasting Background

  • Series 65 Securities License (Uniform Investment Advisor Law)

  • SIE, Security Industry Essentials exam

  • Financial Planning Association Member

  • Lead, Russell Performance Universes, best-selling investment analysis tool in the Russell Company’s history

  • Lead, CovidComplete forecast model, fourth most accurate US covid forecast model according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; third most accurate according to Royal Society Open Science.

My Community Involvement

  • Bellevue Rotary Club President 2021-2022, Member 2012-Present

  • Rotary District 5030 Leadership Innovation Award, 2022

  • Bellevue School Board President 2013-2015, School Board Member, 2011-2017

  • Lochleven Community Association (formerly West Bellevue Community Club), Board member, 2009-present

  • Founder, CEO, Construx Software, Bellevue, WA, 1996-2022

Personal Notes

  • I received my B.A. from Whitman College and M.S.E. from Seattle University.

  • I have spent significant time in 25 countries including Australia, New Zealand, China, Korea, Israel, Russia, Serbia, most countries in western Europe, and more than 20 trips to England.

  • I have slept overnight in 45 states.

  • I wrote eight books in the field of software engineering, including one of the most popular books of all time (Code Complete).

  • I grew up mostly in eastern Washington and have now lived in Bellevue for more than 30 years.

  • I’ve had six dogs including a bearded collie, springer spaniel, yellow lab, husky mix, and two golden retrievers.