Bellevue Financial Advisor

Realize the Peace & Prosperity of Guided Index Investing

See how our investment management and financial planning can advance your financial goals with Empathy, Evidence & Equations.

Bellevue Investment Advisor

Realize the Peace & Prosperity of Guided Index Investing

Advancing your financial goals with Empathy, Evidence & Equations.

Guided Index Investing

We can summarize our investment philosophy easily: If we really were a dog, we would wag at no-nonsense investments, bark at taxes, and treat our clients the same way we treat our best friends.

At Rain Dog, we believe that literally 95-99% of investment advice is either misguided, distracting, or just plain wrong. Our evidence-based belief is that concentrating on index funds allows us to offer highly personalized service with better-than-average results at lower-than-average cost—all of which adds to your bottom line.  

Some advisors try to justify high fees by offering unusual investments or making frequent changes to your portfolio. Even with “dog” in our name, we don’t believe in chasing squirrelly investments.

If you’re open to learning more about index investing—or if you’re already sold on index investing—let’s explore how we can support your goals through customized investment planning based on your unique circumstances.

Empathy, Evidence & Equations

When we meet with you, the first thing we will do is perk up our ears and listen

We have a keen interest in hearing your goals, needs, and dreams. We want to understand how finances fit into your whole story. We then look for ways we can strengthen your financial position based on details that are unique to you.

Once we have a 360-degree view of your finances, we develop your unique plan by applying evidence-based, mathematical techniques designed to maximize returns and minimize taxes for your specific circumstances.

If you want to live your life the way you want to live it, off leash, free from worry about your finances, we would love to work with you.

Big Decision Support

We offer investment management support on topics like these:

  • Preparing to buy a second home, pay for college, and other major expenses

  • Designing a personalized glide path toward retirement that accounts for investment growth, income needs, major purchases, and other life changes

  • Managing investments during retirement to ensure a reliable combination of growth and income

  • Restructuring finances after a marriage, divorce, or loss of a partner

  • Optimizing your portfolio around real estate, concentrated stock positions, and other unique personal circumstances

  • Investing a large bonus or inheritance

  • Planning your legacy & estate planning

Our Bellevue financial advisor service is designed to increase your investment returns and reduce your taxes, and we can help in many other ways that are unique to your personal circumstances.

Who We Work With

Our ideal clients are nerdy high achievers who have had some successes in life. We especially like people who ask a lot of questions. And dog lovers!

Our approach aligns best with people who want an evidence-based, mathematically grounded investment management plan that is designed uniquely for them.

We are a fee-only fiduciary advisor. That means we do not receive commissions or any other indirect payments, and we are legally required to put your interests above our own.

Our fee structure works best for investors with about $1.5-$10 million in investment assets.

If this sounds good to you, email or give us a call. We don’t bite, and we would love to sit and stay with you awhile to explore whether we can be of assistance.